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You can do it mama.


I think it will be a nice "rebirth".


my thought is you have to experience a little backspin to go forward.... good thoughts sister!


Please email me. I would like to do something nice for your angels. Thanks.


you aren't losing a part of your name, you are reclaiming a bigger piece of yourself!

Julie P

*plugs ears to avoid hearing talk of spindles lest she gives in to the massive tractor beam of spinning*

Hugs to you as you make your changes :)


I am the one having a hard time with my sister changing her name now that she is married and she always reminds me...it is a name...it is no who I am ...no matter what my name is I will always still be me.
Go forth with Confidence...You are who you are and no one can change that!


Follow your heart with your name, but you're whomever you want to be with or without it. We all love you for being you (sappy and Mr. Rogers sounding, but true).


About your name: it's whatever you want it to be. Remember, while it is only an identifying label for other people, it's a persona for you. (Just make sure the Social Security people know about the change so you can get all your money when you're old like me!)

About backspin: If the backspin is slow, that just means the spindle ran out of "power" and you need to start it turning again. If the backspin begins quickly, then my guess is you are not drafting quickly enough to keep up with the spin you've put on the spindle. This sounds like your backspin problem -- which is almost universal among new spindle spinners.

Two factors affect the spinning -- first is the speed you twist the spindle to get it started, and second is the speed of drafting. (A caution: don't hold your supply of fiber too tightly or you won't be able to draft much at all!)

If you are drafting for "fat" yarn, you have to draft very quickly because that kind of yarn doesn't need much twist to hold it together and quickly reaches the point where it will backspin. It is easy to end up with a kinky rope. So before you begin to spin, split your roving into strips that are about the size you want to spin without further drafting. This "pre-drafting" lets you spin without much drafting a all -- just feed the strip between your hands and onto the spindle at the rate you like.

If you are drafting for thinner yarn, overspin can happen because it's difficult to draft finely enough and quickly enough to keep up with the spin. Do the pre-drafting and use a short draw while you spin the spindle as slowly as you can. The Bosworths are beautifully made and balanced, so they have lovely long spin time even at pretty slow spin speed.

Does it seem that no matter how you're spinning or what you do that the spindle begins to backspin very quickly? You may be trying to spin too thick a yarn on too light a spindle, and there isn't enough weight to provide the necessary momentum. You will find that you need a bunch of different spindles to do different kinds of yarn. Spindle stash! Ha ha ha hahahaha! (Excuse me.)

When you come back to NM for a visit, come to my house again and I will show you! It is so difficult to try to explain with words, because there are so many things going on. Be patient with yourself. This is a muscle memory thing, and repetition is the only way to learn it. Let me know how you do!


It's funny how your name affects you. It's a part of you for so long, it is hard to change. Plus, it's your signature. I've been going over this with taking my husband's name and I just don't think I ever will totally switch over.


My sister said she would never take another mans name. She wants her own identity even though she is married to a great guy.
Spinning does take practice. The above commenter has some good points. The grist of the yarn you're spinning may be too heavy for the spindle. Predraft it a little finer and see how that works for you. Make sure you put lots of spin into the fiber, too. Good luck!


*hugs* You can do it :o)

frecklegirl jess

The name thing is so hard. I am still using both names...

I haven't seen anyone else who has a journey wheel spindle. I love mine- haven't had your reverse spin problem though...

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