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I can't tell you how HONORED i am that you wore my scarf to Rhinebeck!! It looks like you had a great time!


I couldn't even get close to the spindles at the Bosworth stall!


You look sooooooo happy! I'd love to come some year.


Great loot! It was a lovely day that went too fast.


Mama-E! Sweet! Sounds like a super hoot. And all your beautiful score. Yay you!


It was so great to meet you. I had such a great time. By the time I got back to the hotel on Saturday night I felt like I had been drugged. Such a euphoria.
Yes, best in show and best knitted article. I still can't believe it. That little baby is going in the next county and state fair.


I LOVE that she's licking me, err, I mean Flat Scout! HA!

Looks like a blast!


I SO want to learn how to spin on a drop spindle...it looks SO neat!


Why thank you for the complement *blush*

It was great to meet you in person!! ;o)


Oh aren't you just soo cute. :) Thanks for the great update. What fun! Oh and I'm so jealous-that spindle is just so gorgeous. Looks like you came home with some good loot. Good for you, you deserve it.


My lord - so funny that I had you in the photo and didn't know it! I had a feeling something like that was going to happen.

I am LOVING my Shadey Side Farm fiber - I am really curious to see how it spins up!


It so nice to meet you! Glad you had a great time. Love the new spindle and fiber!


Great to meet you, too! Incredibly enough, I actually remembered your blog name (because of the PoMo reference). Yay!


It was LOVELY to meet you!


It was nice meeting you at the Pretzel stand!!! I was glad that you found me as you were one of my squares! :) When I get better at spinning on a drop spindle, I will be you (hopefully by next year!)



Great time meeting you! It was so much fun I went back Sunday!


If you think you had fun this year, wait until next year when you stay over.


Sounds like a really wonderful time! What an amazing spindle you brought home! Can't wait to see what you do with it. :0)


Wow, what a great time eh? I am sorry I didn't get to meet you! Looks like you found some beautiful stuff!

Next year!!! (i think....) ;-)


We passed in the night! Sorry to have missed you. I passed FS on to Ruth and Lucia and then didn't get her back again. Rhinebeck was a gas and it was so fun to meet everyone!

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