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Weren't any of the people who started this "along" dirty minded enough to think, "Oh my God were calling it a muff-along"


I will admit that this month is about the only one I loved so much living back there. Fall is amazing there.


I'm planning to attend the Scissorinas Swap as well, so our paths will cross before Rhinebeck.


YAY for muffs! ::laughing:: I'm waiting for my alpaca yarn to come so I can start another as well... but for now.. ::sigh:: that description you gave of that clean smelling, hairless house has left me wanting..

I must go clean!


Mmmm, I want to come knit at your house and eat some yummy food too!


Random is great, especially when it includes so many fun knitting/yarn things! :0)


Oh the scissors swap sounds really fun. I wish someone around here would organize one. Are there rules?

I love THAT 70s show. Kitty, the nurse, my hero. My alter ego. Perfect parent model. She's the best

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