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What a perfectly lovely memory--thanks for sharing!


Learning to be happy, spending time alone, is an important lesson in life.
Your time in Oxford sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


That sounds so peaceful! I've dreamed about visiting Oxford one day...


Hiya - Scout sent me on over to see if you have any recommendations for locations for a knitblogger meetup during the Taos Wool Festival, probably Saturday evening (October 7). Any suggestions most welcome! Thanks.


Such a lovely memory. Very evocative. It makes me long for my semster in Manchester, England. Thank you for sharing.


I think small town traffic is more annoying because it doesn't really fit the surroundings.

Thank you for sharing your memory with us. *hugs*


That sounds absolutely lovely--thanks for sharing!


I often wonder how I would do living on my own for an extended period. I sort of think not very well, which makes me wonder whether that suggests something about myself I ought to rectify.

Anyway, your memory sounds wonderful -- it makes me want to move into a cozy little room someplace!


You write beautifully. Thank you for sharing your vivid memories. I can taste the Guinness.
I so enjoyed meeting you in Albuqerque. I'm sorry you've moved on before I got a chance to talk with you more. It sounds like you and Neal have a sweet spot in New England.


Also- when's the next KSKS?? I'm dying to participate.


I studied at Cambridge for a year. It was one of the best years of my life.

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