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What lovely surprizes awaiting you for your return. Glad you had a good trip. Can't wait to see what you spin up.


Well hell will freeze over before I move back there so you KNOW you're coming this way baybee!


I'm sorry I was a wreck while you were here & barely got to say hi.
yes! move back!!


Sorry I missed you--come back! Come back!


Looks like some great packages were awaiting you! That Scout sure knows how to dye up some pretty yarn! I love the aplique on the bag that your One Skein pal sent. Glad you had a good time on your trip.


It was nice to see you (even for an hour) I hope you are busy creating your "10 Reasons to Move to NM" speech for Neal.

One Skein Pal

I really hope you liked your goodies! As for the yarn question, think of it not as 8 oz equals 4 oz length, but as 8 oz equals 4 oz long, but twice as wide. It will be plenty of yarn. You could probably make knee socks with the right set of needles for the yarn gauge.


There you are! :D So many pretty goodies.


I recognize the handwriting in yarn label from your one skein secret pal - it's Lavender Sheep isn't it!!! I love her handspuns.


How fun that you get Scout's swag. Gorgeous!


So.. is it official? Beth wasn't sure, do you want me to add you to our muff along list??

Your blog is awesome by the way.. bookmarking it right now as I can see spending a lot of time here :-)


What a great sock knitting kit!

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around your spinning question but it's hurting me...and my head might explode... ;o)

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