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Circumstancial evidence. The defendant could have stepped in mug and there are many animals are prone to digging. This is species profiling and it is not to be tolerated. In the name of dogs everywhere, "We shall overcome..."

I ended up making up a bag and felting it. The knitting and felting are fine and I'm muddling through the sewing portions for the lining. I'll definately be sending extra chocolate to my swap pal.

Sorry for freaking out and panicking on you. When my creation time was cut so drastically I lost my head. Aaaack!

Hope you have a great time with Cai at the birthday celebration.


As Maddie's attorney, i would like to remind you that the so-called "evidence" in her toes was NOT evidence but rather the makings of her new game "green clover green clover, send Tilly right over"....

So, where was Ms. Tilly during "the dig"...whereabouts unknown - reasonable doubt has been established....Case Closed. Maddie is free of all charges. :) Love you puppy girl....


She was framed!

I'm guessing it was the lawn weasels that are ruining my back lawn. I've got little piles of soil all over. 0.o


Aww, Maddie! I still love you, even if you are guilty (and I'm not certain you are, no matter what the court says...)!


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