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Fabulous Jaywalker! What is that delicious yarn? Blogland is indeed wonderful. My husband used to mock me for seeking validation in cyberspace, but over the past few months he has come to realize how important it is to have interactions with others who share the same interests. Back to my booga bag knitting. Cheers!


What a lovely colorway.

Have you seen this? http://www.needletrax.com/toeupon2circulars.htm

Might be what you're looking for. Or did I give you that already? *L*

I think as we get older our friendships do take on more importance. We offer each other a support system that we can't get anywhere else often times, and I love being able to ask a question and know that I will get answer because y'all know everything. It's also a wonderful chance to meet people we would not otherwise get to know and be silly with total strangers, who usually become friends.


Great, make me cry. Everything makes me cry lately! I'm just excited I get to see you soon. I think it calls for some of my cosmopolitans!~




Love your Jaywalker! Being a stay at home mom it can be isolating at times but since I started blogging I've met lots of wonderful people on line and off who've become great friends.


Love the sock! and thanks for the comment on my blog! Looks like I have some printing out to do. What a great site!

I know I wouldn't be knitting socks if it weren't for the help and tuts that I've found online...and the great people I've *met*


I feel priveleged to be included in the Hat City Scissor Squad bunch! I have been loving toe-up socks lately, and this cast on helped me:


love your Jaycrawlin' yarn and hope to see the pair in person one of these days!

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