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Cute picture of your Dad and y'all! I am excited about the prospects of a knitting cruise... any cruise. Don't know if the finances and time will allow for it, but I can fall asleep dreaming about it until I know otherwise. Speaking of dreaming, the yarn from Kirsten is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you make with it. Cheers!


You knit?!

/dies of shock


Rhubarb pie! Yum! Glad you like the yarn! :)


My father is one of the most gentle and ethical persons I know, and he has a heart as big as...well, the universe.
Well, that explains a lot!!!

Miss you.


I love the "hold up the camera and see what kinda picture we get" pose. Congratulations on getting everyone their pal!


Thanks for all your hard work organising the kit swap. It will be great fun! I love your photos :)


Thanks for the link to Through the Loops--the Sunkist cardi looks very cute! Please post your progress if and when you start it. And, what a lovely tribute to your dad. He must be quite a guy. :-)


Hope you get some good knitting time in. You deserve it after all the hard work you put in to the swap! That cruise sounds like so much fun wish I could go.

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