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I love the look on his face. *L*

I'm still thinking about Scout and her family. It's such a hard thing to go thru, but it's a blessing that it wasn't worse.

Sounds like there are a lot of us who not afraid. Or trying not to be. ;^)


What a great turnout for your swap!

I'm sorry I'm not going to sign up - I'm really busy this time of year so it's impossible for me to take on a new project :o(

Busy doing what? Car shows, fireworks shows, work...yay.


It must be so exciting to put something like this together and have it be so well received! Congratulations!


You asked if i was having a ulgiest catogory in my UFO contest, well I was going to but i didn't know if anyone would be offended... I guess if you submit it yourself it's ok...I'll add that! thanx, I cain't wait to see yours!


Holy Cow, Bev! Just under 200 folks in your swap?!! You rock!

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