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And you had to go and make me cry already today because????

I'm just going to pretend you're not moving. Maybe that'll work.

Know that you can always stay with me when you come back okay? We have plenty of room and they kids would be in heaven!


It was a great night. I am so glad we could all have one last SnB together. You will be missed!


Well, the Southwest's loss is the Northeast's gain. Granby looks not to be a suburb of NYC, but if you ever need to do some big city yarn shopping, you know where to find me. More importantly, are you planning to go to Rhinebeck?


good luck with the move- drive safe, keep in touch, all that jazz!


We will really miss you & I am NOT kidding about a weekend trip to NYC sometime.
Have a safe trip, sweets.


Sad, leaving your snb. I know I would miss mine if I were to relocate. I hope you find some nice knitters in your new locale.


I'm just focusing on how happy you'll be back east with your sweetie. Not thinking about NOT SEEING YOU every week at SNB. Not at all!

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