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I've been on all of those roads and it's fun huh? Wall Drug cracks me up. Glad you're back there safe and sound. I'll miss you tonight.



I'm glad you got to your new home in one piece. Sounds like quite an adventure!


That sounds so much like my trip from Seattle to North Dakota.
J & I were just talking about how much we'll miss you tonight.


Glad to hear you've arrived safely in Conn. Welcome back to the humid North East! Sounds like you had an awesome trip.


Welcome (back) to the East Coast! And thanks for the note on my blog. Glad to see you're a fellow Refashionista!

I don't have a designated genre; our M.A. program doesn't require (or really allow for) that. But I'm focusing on fiction and if I get into an MFA program someday, I'd do fiction. :)


You're linking to the wrong Sturgis.. - The one you're pointing to is in Michigan. - The one you *should* be pointing to is probably: http://www.sturgis.sd.us

A lot of people get 'em confused.

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