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Oh. My. Gosh. That is gorgeous! You have excellent taste - I LOVE that fabric. Maybe you could make little buckle straps for closures? Although I don't think the bag really needs any.


It's funny how aquatic sports stay with you for the rest of your life. I used to paddle (canoe/kayak) competitvely for years. When I cook something in the tilt skillet at in the kitchen, I have to use a paddle and I feel like I'm back on the water. The chefs can't understand why my sweated veggies turn out better than theirs... hahaha.
Anyhow, the bag looks fabulous and over the next year I want to learn how to sew properly. My best friend is a tailor (you've probably seen her suit on my blog) and she's amazingly talented. I'm going to learn more about your Sew? I Knit! project.


Soooooo in love with that bag!! Nice work!


Beautiful! It reminds me that I have to sew in the liner for that bag I made...


Great job.
How about a magnetic snap for a closure?


I love your bag! I made one a while ago but yours is much nice. I use mine as a sock bag too! Great job. :)


Bev that bag is too cute! What about some type of button closure? It would great to find a really cool antique button-maybe an oblong shape to match the bag.


I second the button-closure suggestion. Maybe a toggle?


If I had made that bag, I'd totally wake up every few hours at night just to admire it :-)


nice... I love a new bag! Elvis was amazing BTW... he played lots of songs from the quartet days.


I *love* the bag! Great craftsmanship :) The fabric was a real find too - perfect for PS this month and next!

I need to get cracking on my bag for the sewalong...

Best wishes, Bev~


You make me want to learn to sew, Bev. Great fabric, great design. I have a shawl project in sage green yarn that also would go nicely in that bag . . . are you still jonesing for those fingerless mitts? Am I shamelessly trying to push for a trade? You bet!


Hiyo...I am planning on putting your postcard in the mail tomorrow! :) I can't remember, did I send you my address for the postycard? :D


Great job & fun fabric!
You are right about having a more rigid bottom on the bag. Even my light cell phone made it droop a bit, so a knitting bag it is! Very fun patterns.


I LOVE this bag. Hope to see it in person sometime... like at another WAC meeting! :)

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