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My Arizona Lace Socks have Eye of Partridge heels and I like them, too.


OMG-She is making you a beaver! I am off to check out the free audio books site


I just went over to look at the free audio books site. I clicked on The Age of Innocence, which is not yet a completed project. Who do you think is recording the book? Brenda from Cast-On. I can't wait to hear the whole thing.


Aw, that does sound like a perfect Friday night.

cynthia c.

Have you listened to Cast On Episode 12-Green? There is a hilarious song on it by an artist named Deidre Flint. It's the funniest/smart song I've heard in a long time.


Thanks so much for the link to the free audio books site. What a great idea!

Heather Ordover

Thanks for the shout-out! I just decided to see if CraftLit appeared anywhere on the web and found you!
: )
I'll be back,
Many thanks,

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