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What an amazing project. I had to reread your post before a understood she is only using one finger. I'm sure with the friends like you that little finger has an infinite amount of prayers and well wishes behind it.
I just realized you are listening to The Passion of Artemisia. I have one of her prints hanging in my bathroom. She was also an amazing female artist.

Sheepish Annie

Thanks for the comment on my blog and the chance to link to this post. It makes you think...and think...


As a Jew who had great grandparents who fled WWII and lost family members in the Holocaust, this made me cry. Thank you for this post.


The print I have is called Girl with Lute or Girl Playing Lute. In some books I have seen her father given credit for painting this work. I probably need to investigate a little more to find out who really painted the picture

Cecily Stewart

I haven't forgotten about the postcard swap! I've been super busy, so I'm a bit behind...but I hope to have it out by the end of this week. :)


I would love to see the fingerprint work. About 10 years ago, I worked for a Canada Post outlet. In November, they issued a stamp to remember the devastation of Kristallnacht. So many customers knew nothing about it.
I love your blog.

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