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I love them! Knit them up so we can see some swatches!


Wow, I didn't know anyone that actually ate whoopie pies. Number Guy likes Fluff but I don't buy any - I just can't. Just. Can't.


Ok, so the Fluff got me... this transplanted NE girl laughed so hard when I saw that. I haven't thought about fluff in so long. My gramp would occasionally make "fluffah-nuttah" (must pronounce with appropriate NE accent) sammiches for us when we were kids.

Outrageously amazing dyeing...

kathy b

You are so funny. We ALL have tension issues. I love the colorway. Wowza!


those are so vibrant! can't wait to see what you knit with them.


Wow - those look great! You did an awesome job dyeing. What dye did you use? I had heard it was hard to get a true black but yours looks fabulous. :)


That yarn is so pretty! I also have trouble when it comes to winding yarn too tightly, but I have no idea how to correct this problem.

Kim U

I love that top yarn, the colors are wild.

Fluff is an _awesome_ hot cocoa topping, so much better than marshmallows or even whipped cream.


Oh my God, flutternutter sandwiches (or no, Liz is right, fluffa-nutta)!
Weird that you should be a loose knitter and a tight winder.


Oh, we LOVE Fluff here, 'cepting for Husband (from Poughkeepsie) who'd never knew anyone who actually ATE the stuff! We also love Whoopie Pies...my Mom used to make them - MAJOR Yum. Geez, now I have to find a recipe and make some!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the yarn! Both of those are so great. Bright and fun and I can't wait to see how they knit up. Nice job!

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