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kathy b

ooooohhhh, I love the new look. I've found you just fine. I'll be working on that contest. You betcha. Oh do we have the sights here in grey Chicago......this could be difficult....


I like the new look, too, and am going to pick up Leonardo for my little 5 year old friend. I attached an email addy. I thought for some reason you might have it. I wish there were one more June and John album together, perhaps with a bunch of their friends. Something like the McGarrigle Hour or Will the Circle.... They really seemed like a couple that fell more and more in love the older they got.


I have 2 suggestions for naming Miss Lendrum:

Miss Abby Lendrum - because it sounds nice

Miss Zihna Lendrum - because Zihna is Native American for "spins"

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