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i think i'd love chicago- chicago, seattle, new york, and atlanta are all on my "someday" list for US travel...

i had a similar realization in london, but mine was that i'm not a BIG city girl, but that i'm also not a small town girl. alas and alack, i might be an AUSTIN girl, if it weren't so damn hot in the summer.

SO jealous that you have your own yarn color!!!!!


I have stayed at the Palmer House a couple of times-it's so beautiful. I"m glad you got a little relaxation in last night.


After growing up in the middle of nowhere TX and having spent the last 15 yrs in Manhattan, I think I am equally comfortable in both situations. Where I am not comfortable is in the middle, in a suburban setting. I don't think I could ever live like that. Even if I moved to a smaller city I would probably gravitate to the urban core or way out in the country.

Glad you had fun in Chi-town

kathy b

Oh, I love to hear that people love my town. I am glad you got away. Sounds like you needed it. Visit in the summer, it is soooooo awesome then. I could meet you to knit!


sounds like a great time! Love italian. Enjoy your bath! So sorry to hear about your grandpa ;o(

Dipsy D.

It seems you had such a great time in Chicago - and with reading your impressions of it, I'd sure love to go there one day as well!
Love the yarn you got from Mama-E - such a great colorline! Looking forward to see what you're going to make with it!

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