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Christina Scovel

Wow. I love your list too! Great ideas.


Oh... GREAT list! Happy TOT!


Your list is fantastic and has some really unique ideas. Well done! I love the idea of the "pastry of the month" club, too!


I had my brother, on arriving in Florida for Xmas with my parents, go buy a gift card for the movie theater and a gift card for a restaurant. Both are within walking distance of their condo. And will cover 2 movies and 2 meals. Woohoo!


Your list is way cooler than mine!!
Great ideas


I love this list! I particularly love #2 and #5. The Pastry of the Month Club idea is awesome and something I've never heard/thought of. Can't wait to use that one! The Museum membership is a great gift. When our son was about 2, I gave my mom a zoo membership for her birthday so she could take him any time she wanted. She didn't use it quite as much as I thought she would, but I still think it was a great gift!
Read an article the other day that said experiences were better than things as gifts. I think this list sums that up to a tee!

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