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Yay!! :o))


Great! Now where are the other two???


Hooray! I always pray to St. Anthony when I lose something, too, and I've never been Catholic!


Woohoo! I'm not Catholic, nor have I ever lived in New Orleans, but I have prayed to St. Expedite to, well, expedite stuff from time to time and he has never failed me.

I'm thinking the plea to St. Anthony DID work, just not as quickly as you had hoped. ;-)


How wonderful! An elderly couple in our neighborhood have a story about lost wedding rings found 44 years later. I'm so glad it didn't take that long for yours to return. Here's their story, it's quite a miracle.

Christina Scovel

YIPPY! That is so great. I love when I find stuff that I swear is gone gone gone.


That's great! The finding of the ring that is! Looks like it suffered a wee ding?


Thank goodness!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Cheeeeeeering! Love when things like this happen.


Prayers do work!
We were raking a few years back after we bought this farm and found a partial plate with two teeth attached to a massive amount of gold. One...they must have missed it, huh? and Two, who was it?
Reasons to rake the leaves!

Bridget Rossi

Lost and found! Ha ha, the feeling of finding something that you've been searching for is great, especially when you're at the point of losing all hope of finding it. Congrats on finding that wedding ring!

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