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A fantastic list with wonderful advice. These are all the things I want Hannah to know.


What a terrific list! I'm going to share this with my college freshman today --- because I'm hoping he'll listen more attentively to someone who is Not His Mother.


What a wonderful and comprehensive list! We will be driving our DS to college this week.


Good list! Now I have to try to remember what I told my stepdaughters when they went to college...whatever it was, it must have been good since they both did well. LOL!

Christina Scovel

I love love love my college time. But, I never went to office hours. I always felt like I would ask questions in class - but office hours were for the slow kids. Sucks to read this now and feel like I missed something! I should have gone just to check it out!

Hope you have fantastic classes this year!


Ten Things a Librarian Would Tell a Freshman:

1. Please don't wait until the night (or two hours) before a paper/project is due to begin researching it.

2. Google is cool, but there's better stuff out there.

3. When working on a library computer, ALWAYS save your work to a removable media.

4. The Reference desk is not an extension of the bookstore. I don't have envelopes, stamps, or labels you can "borrow."

5. Librarians aren't mean - well most of us aren't, anyway.

6. I never think your question is stupid.

7. No matter what they tell you on the campus tour, we don't buy textbooks for our collection. Unfortunately, you will need to buy your textbook or ask your prof to put it on Reserve.

8. Please come see me when you are frustrated with your research. I love to help students.

9. I will proof your paper for you, but I won't write it for you.

10. You really can find great sources just by browsing the shelves!

Melissa Kelenske

I wish you had given me this advice *before* I went to school! Great list!


I like #2...I always have to remember that I'm going to look like more of an idiot if I don't ask the question...


I wish I'd had this list the first day of my freshman year!

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