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I envy your love for reading and love to read your reviews...'Disgrace' sounds like a book I might delve into. Thanks!


I'm on a Christopher Buckley (William F. Buckley's son, author of Thank You for Smoking if you've seen the movie, and recently ex-communicated conservative for liking Obama) kick - mainly political satire but containing both a dry with and laugh out loud ridiculous humor. I started with the new one - Supreme Courtship - and also read Boomsday which I loved. Smart, funny, and just intellectual enough to count as literature and not mind candy.


Umm... I meant "dry wit" not "dry with"...


Interesting - a South African author

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog.


Back to say that Disgrace is excellent! Half way through it and it is speedy reading with a complex story line. Thanks for the review!

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