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I might have to pick up Moloka'i. I actually spent a few nights there 20 some years ago, and have been facinated ever since.

Kim U

I was never a fan of graphic novels until my husband persuaded me to look at the Sandman books. I hope your library has them, they're definitely worth a closer look. Have you read Gaiman's other (non graphic novel) books? He's one of my favorite authors.

Definitely interested to hear what you think of The Blind Assassin. I've heard mixed reviews from people and I should probably just put it on my library queue :)


Oh I am a huge graphic novel enthusiast! Give Craig Thompson a try next--'Blankets' is one of the most touching books I've ever read!

Ramona Chesley

Neil Gaiman is always hit or miss with me. I really loved his book American Gods but a hated the Anansi Boys.

Nichole D.

Ooooh, I am such a huge Neil Gaiman fan! I have Dream Hunters on my shelf, waiting to be read. I loved the Sandman series, as well. Yes, it does take some getting used to the "comic book" form, though!

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