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Those look interesting. I am currently reading Hermione Lee's biography of Edith Wharton. I need a good memoir to read as well.


I recommend Under the Tuscan Sun. It's a light read and makes me feel like I've escaped to Tuscany. A Year In Provence is also a good one. :)


I loved Julie/Julia. I'm reading "Look Me In the Eye" right now - written by a man with Asberger's Syndrome. Excellent. I also recently read "The Black Swan," about the impact of the highly improbable.


I LOVED Julie and Julia. You might also try Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love- fantastic memoir.


Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life is light and fun, inventive with form--a good summer read, and the kind of book you can easily put down & pick back up. I'd also recommend reading a collection of David Foster Wallace or David Sedaris essays. Foster Wallace is long winded & smarmy, but a great, funny read none the less.


Funny, I disliked Julie and Julia intensely...but I recommend Candyfreak by Steve Almond!

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