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Good for you! UFOs are obligations and we have enough obligations in our lives...knitting should be fun! We're going to be doing Knit Unto Others again this year and your hat will be perfect for one of the charities listed on the blog. Good luck with the others, too!


Bev thanks so much for posting the sweater link...I am in for sure!


I vote contrasting toes and heels. They make sock-life so much easier at times.

That Margene. She's always making us think, isn't she? *L*

*huggles my Bev*


Cleaning up for the new year is a great idea. I may have to consider that. ;) As for the sock, I think the forethought heel would probably work pretty well to keep the colors going.


Again, better person than I you are (whoa channeling Yoda!). I just cast on a neckwarmer b/c, well, I had yarn I wanted to play with. Good job O Great Goddess of the UFO. :-)

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