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Hey I'll join you in that UFO August! I've got so many WIPs that I've got to finish.


I'm doing Cassi's meme too. I found it hard to come up with 26 things about me!


Great post! I have similar last name issues from being married and divorced. Sometimes I just wish I could go with my first name only and forget the rest. Thanks so much for joining in!


Your interesting post has inspired me to try the meme too!


My maiden name is Louie. I had to listen to people sing the song Louie, Louie throughout my childhood. I was annoyed when I was a kid, but grew to like it as I got older. I even had the song played at my wedding. I took my husband's name when I married, but I still look on my maiden name with fondness.


It reminds me of one of my favourite Aussie jokes:
Q: What are armies for?
A: For hanging your handies on!

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