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Heeee! I can't wait to see you! :)


Sounds like fun!


Good for you!


Yay for dancing cowboys! So are you going to be at SNB on Tues?


Glad you had the right dress and shoes all ready for dancing! Nothing like cute cowboys.


Never, ever underestimate the power of a cute dancing dress and shoes. Just sayin'. Hee hee. Have BIG fun!

Cynthia C.

Hey it's me, Cynthia from SNB. I've been totally out of the blogging loop because I don't have a laptop and I can't access most stuff at work, but I just wanted to stop in and say hi! I see you are in Taos, stopping in on Tuesday? Hope you are well. My plates are fabulous, thanks again!


Sounds like you had a great time!

kathy b

Just sayin! You are so cute. I am so glad you had a fun GO ROUND the dance floor!


Poseur- so true! How long have you been in NM? I'm kinda close- I'm in Espanola- don't find too many people close in NM!!! Funny too- my SIL is from Conn and went to UCONN!

Kristi aka YarnDiva

I am so glad you won one of the prizes for the DyeORama! You did such a great job, you TOTALLY deserved it!



"I wanna be a cowboy, out riding on the range..." I can't remember the words to that terrible song, but now it's stuck in my head. I hope your Taos Conference went well. Cheers!

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